Unhappy shopping?

Today, I did some unhappy shopping. At least that’s how I viewed it, initially.

Went to Guardian Pharmacy to look for adult pampers. It’s been more than 10 years since I ran such an errand. At a shop that specialised in such goods situated in a complex called Outram Park that’s no more. Ditto the person for whom the adult pampers were meant.

Today, I inquired too about a wheel chair. Not needed just yet. But best to sound out the market.

Because I was in such a hurry to settle the adult pampers on my shopping list, I paid a lot more for them than if I had walked back to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Life Line, a specialist shop for equipment and other goods etc for invalids.

Now i know in future where I can buy adult pampers at a lot less.

Yes, I had started thinking that today’s shopping was unhappy-making because it brought back past memories and wondered whether it’s again the start of the end of another story.

But then again, looking at it in the correct perspective, many who have lost loved ones at ages far younger than 85 years would consider my task today something to be grateful for.

At my age and at her age, my mum is still around!


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