Freaking synchronicity!

I was telling my cousin only on Sunday that a Certain Mutual Friend of ours had visited Another Certain Mutual Friend in Melbourne and that leaves only my cousin in our group not to have visited Another Certain Mutual Friend in her adopted Aussie home.

Then the following day ie Monday just as I stepped out from the Marina Bay Sands complex — after a satisfying but not entirely profitable half-day joust with the MBS slot machines (about which in another post where I shall give a blow by blow account) — into the carpark, who should I see in the red car swerving right into the empty parking lot right in front of me?

None other than the Certain Mutual Friend I had spoken about some 24 hours earlier and whom I hadn’t seen since last year’s Chinese New Year lunch at the Regent!

I was somewhat freaked out — not because I ran into a friend when i was leaving the casino. I have no hang ups or secrets about visiting the casino whenever I want to have a few mindless hours at minimum cost.

Rather I was freaked out because this topic of co-incidence and synchronicity had featured in this blog as well as a lot in private conversation between Amy Lam and me.

Indeed, AL was freaked by the fact I posted about travelling on a bus at the same time (unknown at time of happening to either of us) that she was checking bus info for her kid in far away Norway!

What should one make of these repeated criss-crossing of life’s activities? Singapore is a small place and there are only just so many things that people of a certain age and education could or would be doing? 😀

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… as the song say!


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