Don’t make spend less, save more….

…… your 2011 resolutions!

Whenever I read on blogs making saving more and spending less their owners’ New Year resolutions, I wonder why not choose another route?

Why not make earning more a resolution instead?

That way, one could save more without saving more, if you know what I mean. Say, you used to save 10% of a monthly salary of $8,000.

If you achieve your target of earning more, say a new monthly pay of $10K and you still save 10%, you would in effect be saving more in absolute terms.

Also, with a higher pay packet or more income, you needn’t spend less. You may even consider yourself  a Scroogie if you spend no more than what you did when your pay was 20% less!

2 thoughts on “Don’t make spend less, save more….

  1. Haha, Blur yours and others of the same mode inspired my comment. Making more shld be topmost (altho many wld avoid saying so for fear of being seen as chasing $). But practicality tells me we r likely to save more if we earn more 1st. May all yr aspirations come true!

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