Cheap food good; ex-food a waste?

I had lunch last Thursday with three friends in a clean, neat cafe called Qi Ji at Funan Cente. It’s packed. And self service only.

After lunch, Friend 2 emailed Friend 1 who initiated the lunch to thank her for the meal and cc-ed Friend 3 and moi.

Friend 2 wrote: ” Thanks for bringing us together and for suggesting a simple and tastylunch place – am so put OFF by  the excesses and excessively  expensive
MEATY dinners/buffets that Singaporeans are so obsessed with that, your choice  – I really  loved the meesiam — strikes a very warm cord in me. Thanks again.

“PS – Generally, when lunching or dining with like-spirited and green friends we only go to organic & vegetarian places (like in India) and these places, though organic are STILL cheaper than mainstream restaurants – even coffee houses are overpriced with BAD food.”

At $26 for the four of us — comprising three plates of mee siam, one plate of longtong and one plate of tauhu goreng as well as two barley and one beancurd drinks — I won’t call the meal cheap.

But compared to the $17.50 we paid later for one black coffee, one white coffee, one capuccino and one hot chocolate at Spinelli’s, it does seem a bargain by comparison and shows what one has to pay for a “brand” like Spinelli. Besides the high margins enjoyed by the likes of these coffee chains!

Anyway, Friend 1 replied to Friend 2 and cc-ed Friend 3 and moi.

Friend 1 wrote: “TY for email and agree with you that I would not pay $100 per  person for meals. I am the usual stingy .. to me company is more important and  as long as place is comfortable and not too hot. Funan is very noisy though.”

Incidentally, although I’ve known Friend 1 since I started working in Singapore and Friend 2 since my school days, how the four of us met and gelled as a quartet underlines the role played by the Internet.

Friend 1 sent me one of those chain emails and I replied to her and her string of open cc’s. Friend 3 — whom I didn’t know then but who knows Friend 1 thru work — replied and so we became Friends.

Now Friend 2 who is very much a social activist sends me the occasional email on her environmental activities. Once, I forwarded her email on a topic which I thought might interest Friend 3 and voila, when they met, they became firm friends.

And closing the circle was the fact that Friend 1 knows Friend 2 and 3 and moi, of cos!

Singapore’s a small place, made smaller still by the Internet! 😀

One thought on “Cheap food good; ex-food a waste?

  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts

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