Dinner from winnings

When I won “big” by my reckoning at the Marina Bay Sands casino on Jan 7, I thought of treating myself to a good dinner with my ill-gotten gains at one of the restaurants either inside or outside of the casino.

The only trouble was I already had my meat meal for the day at Beng Tin with my friends and so dinner had to be vegetarian — and it would be a shame to blow my winnings on a salad, potatoes and such like. Also, I didn’t want a long leisurely dinner; just food that tastes good.

I deliberated whether I should head down to Rasapura the food court where I know from my 5th visit to the casino on Jan 2 that there was a vegetarian stall. The helper was friendly and generous with the helpings. The prices weren’t exhorbitant.

But I hesitated heading that way because of the longish stroll from the casino and also because the food was right out of the Greasy Spoon.

So Hobson’s choice meant Tong Dim, a noodle house right inside the casino, which saw long queues outside the first couple of times I was at the casino last year.

On the night of Jan 7, I was lucky. There was no queue. In fact there were empty tables and the receptionist was most helpful.

dinner bought with my wins

There was only one dish on the menu that met my no-meat, no-fish criteria. Vegetable fried rice. And my request for less oil was cheerfully acquiesced to. As the dish cost just $7.50, I even splurged on a glass of white wine, a Lindemans chardonnay which at $12.50 a glass could have bought me a whole bottle from the supermarket.

Still, it was the casino’s money I was spending, so I didn’t feel a scrooge.

I was in such a good mood that I even checked for Sparklette’s benefit whether the restaurant charged for water, warm or cold. When told “no”, I wondered why I wasn’t served any with my rice but was still in such a charitable mode that I made no fuss.

My meal ended and I returned to hitting the jackpot machines but not for too long. Because I’d been out all day — though only getting to the casino around 4.30pm — I decided to call it a day while most of my winnings were intact.

You see, once i had bought a full-year entry to the casino I didn’t feel the need to max out my $100 per day levy. I could go at any time and leave when the going is good. Which is what I did on the 2nd time I used my annual entry pass!


2 thoughts on “Dinner from winnings

  1. QH: no, one meat meal a day and vegetarian for all other meals, which cld be two or three depending on my appetite

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