Praise for the power of prayer

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I’ve on more than one occasion good reason to sing the praise of the Parking Space prayer which I learnt from my old colleague JH last March.

Since then, I’ve used it about 10 times and it worked in all but one occasion — and that was probably because there wasn’t any real urgent need for me to find that parking space in that location.

Well, today, it worked again, even though my faith in it wavered a little at first.

I was in the Tan Tock Hospital carpark after dropping mum and her Picky maid for a dental appointment for my mother, to assess her suitability for a root canaling procedure, given her age and the MCI that afflicts her, among other ailments.

As it was 2pm, I knew I was dicing with fate. The hospital’s medical centre is always full to the brim with patients and their care givers; also visitors to those already hospitalised. Naturally, the carpark would reflect this and it did today.

But unlike many of the frustrated drivers circling the carpark hoping for someone to leave or for an empty lot to materialise, I had my parking prayer weapon.

I said it mentally with little urgency at first, believing the miracle would happen with little effort. It was only when I circled the carpark three times — not exactly the whole carpark but in the vicinity of the entrance to the medical centre — and still no luck that a sense of panic began to surface.

I had to be there when the dental specialist saw my mother to be able to understand the advice given. While Picky is a very intelligent maid, I couldn’t rely on her to relay the advice.

There were a couple of obvious options: double park the car and risk being wheel-clamped and fined or leave TTSH and go to a nearby carpark, assuming that i would find a lot there.

A third was to stubbornly keep faith, believing that the prayer would work.

And believe it or not, as my heart firmed up in that belief, a parking lot just appeared, a hop, skip and jump away from the medical centre’s entrance!

I saw no car leave that lot; just the green light above indicating its vacancy.

The parking lot prayer — Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking space — worked again!

Footnote: Co-incidentally, while re-checking when I first wrote about this powerful little prayer, I chance upon a comment on that post by my old and good friend NH. She was all enthusiastic about the power of prayer. And guess what? Less than three weeks ago, her hubby of many years was baptised on X’mas Day! After she prayed for 3 decades for that to happen. It really takes faith to keep praying for that miracle for so, so long!


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