MyShoppingGenie comes to S’pore

I have never heard of the web shopping application phenomenon called MyShoppingGenie till earlier this week — but I may not be alone.

A quick search of Facebook and Twitter showed that Facebook appeared to have only two serious entries on the topic while in Twitter although MyShoppingGenie is getting a tweet every several minutes, it ain’t as yet a trending topic. 

So, I’m not such a dinosaur after all that I have to be told by WN-C (whom I last saw when she threw a scrumptuous farewell dinner be4 heading for Perth with her two daughters as a pei-du mama) on her return to Singapore for the “summer holidays”.

To learn more about the phenomenon, I went along to WN-C’s Singapore home this afternoon together with her local friends to hear more about MSG from her “team leader” from Western Australia.

My only caveat to WN-C be4 I went was: I’m not an Internet shopper and I don’t intend to fork out a bean to join any multi-level marketing scheme.

She was fine with that and so am i fine with accepting the MyShoppingGenie icon but only to use it to get information and compare prices for free.

If as a by-product of my using the genie app, WN-C, my friend and a MyShoppingGenie distributor, should get some cut of the advertising moolah from the major search engines on which MSG rides, why should I worry?

In fact, I’m delighted to support my friend or even a friend of a friend, as it doesn’t cost me anything other than hosting the icon on my desktop.

I already host Adobe Reader, Quick Time Player and a host of other free applications and I’m not afraid whether they are respecting my privacy or not. If  I can trust  these apps without knowing who’s behind them, why should I worry about an app from a friend?

I use Facebook, Twitter, Google daily etc. In the process I contribute to building their critical mass that indirectly and ultimately make their creators rich.

Similarly I’ve no reservation about using MyShoppingGenie downloaded from WN-C’s website at . Who knows, if somewhere along the way, she becomes richer than she already is, then good for her.

Distrbutorship is not for me but it could suit others down to a T. But remember, the one-time sign up fee comes with a monthly maintenance fee; so if you are only play-play, then better think again and just use the free app.

MSG has been in the US for 3 years and in Australia for 4 1/2 mths. It’s also available in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and parts of Europe. And it is being launched into Malaysia and Singapore this month.  


Your genie: Arundina


FUN NOTE: In case you wonder why WN-C’s user name on her MSG website is Arundina, here is the answer. She’s an avid orchid lover and Arundina is her signature orchid!

2 thoughts on “MyShoppingGenie comes to S’pore

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