Most enjoyable relaxing day

It’s exactly the sort of day the doctor would have ordered, if I were under the eye of a doctor — which thank goodness I’m not.

What I want to say is that today I did things I want to do in the way I want to do them, with no ifs or buts.

I met up for lunch with LW, KL and MK2, the latter two whom I haven’t seen since July 2010 when KL took a room at the Marina Bay Sands and MK2 and I among his many friends went along to look-see and get a freebie gander of the Sky Park.

Today’s lunch was at the old dame of a Hokkein restaurant Beng Tin at OCBC Centre, as a nod to KL who is the full-time worker bee amongst us and had to eat near his office.

Like MK2, I felt the food at Beng Tin had gone south in quality and north in pricing. Basically, each of us ordered a dish of our choice with a veggie thrown in as the joker or wild card. And the bill came up to a grand $91 which is expensive as what we had was basically better class hawker food and in a restaurant that’s very ho-hum Chinese.

ngoh hiang, prawn rolls and celery "wild card"


hee piow soup


$25 duck salad

Despite this, my mood remained upbeat as LW and I headed to Chinatown to test the patience of the second hand Rolex and used gold dealer whom LW had introduced to me back in June. Actually, I was the one who tried his patience while LW merely accompanied me.

In addition to bringing him my Rolex Lady Datejust –on which we couldn’t deal last round — I brought him a handful of costume and other mayb gold or mayb not gold trinkets, most of which he rejected as fake but offered about $600 for what he believed had some residual value.

Since my whole intention was to establish value rather than sell, I let go of a small pendant and a pair of ear-studs for $140, and as a gesture, allowed him a $1 discount.

As for the Rolex watch, the smart man again quoted me $3,500, exactly as he did in June, but seemed willing to pay $4,000 when I mentioned that the price should reflect the rise in the price of gold. He stopped biting when I indicated that I wouldn’t sell for less than $5,000.  So, again, no deal — for the moment at least.

After that, LW went to see another jewellery friend in Ang Mo Kio while I decided to head for the MBS casino where I had dropped about $350 (X!!!&**@ff?) after going there from Z’s birthday lunch on Jan 2. I had some $37 worth of voucher left over from that loss to be used within the month or else see that paper go to waste.

Fortunately, today’s outing was a complete success as I won a gross amount of  $620! Which leaves me beaming from ear to ear, and some fresh capital (after offsetting losses from the Jan 2 visit) for the next round which alas, given my calendar, will not be till after mid-January.

woot look @ the loot!

3 thoughts on “Most enjoyable relaxing day

  1. Auntie Lucia, was glad to be your body guard for the day..heeheehee…and I continue to see how you are going to cultivate your “friendship” with V, the dealer….LW

  2. Pse, pse keep me company the next time I go try his patience. I don’t want to become a Chinatown statistic, LW, 😉

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