Feeling cheated

This post will be short, sharp and sweet.

Today I went to a shopping centre near where I grew up to load up for the week-end’s food and grocery needs and to lunch with mum and her Picky Siti.

The mall has a large new Fairprice there and I particularly like its trolleys: they are clean and new unlike some of the junk that serves as trolleys at many of the FP chain. Also the mall has a little kiosk which sells fresh loose nuts at about half the price of that charged for those packed and sold at Cold Storage.

So everything was nice and sweet and I thought there was even a sweetener at the end of the excursion because everywhere in the mall were large pink banners declaring Free Parking for purchases above $30 between 12 noon and 2.30pm.

OK, I arrived after noon and was leaving a little after 3pm. Still, I thought I would try my luck with the customer service counter to see if it would let me have the free parking pass.

I thought I might be turn down because I was not in the mall within the exact stipulated time band but I hoped the implementation would be flexible. What I didn’t expect was to be told that the Free Parking offer begins only tomorrow.

I felt cheated.

I felt cheated because nowhere did the banners indicate that Free Parking was akan datang.

I also felt that by going to get the free parking pass I might have incurred more parking charges for the time spent from basement 3 up to Level 2 and down again.

So I was pleasantly surprised that my cash card was deducted all of 90 cents for almost 3 hours of parking.

That’s why I’m not naming the mall that had jumped the gun with its Free Parking promotion. 😉


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