Hitting the Big Five O in style

Went to Z’s 50th birthday bash today, thrown for her by the three most important men in her life: her hubby and her two sons.

When Z’s hubby invited me as early as mid-November, he said: “Z needs someone who’s older to be present so she won’t feel so bad about turning 50.”  Hur, hur, hur!

Thank goodness (for my self esteem!) the lunch party at Brewerkz wasn’t inundated by the young and nubile from the media world while those who have hit or would be hitting the Big 50 who attended didn’t look a day over — dare I say it? — 35!

Happy birthday Z, for today and the actual day in the coming week. Long may we continue to do our eating out like we did here, here and here

birthday cake in waiting


when u r loved, life's a piece of cake

i started with this


...followed by this

... washed down with this


.. Z's men

.. Z's men and S-I-L

moi, birthday girl in back row and z's P1 classmates n kids


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