Making it simple

Today, last year, I was sick as a dog from a flu bug.

Today, this year, I had a simple lunch with mum and Picky, cooked by Picky while I’m still recuperating from last night’s carousing at a friend’s home in Mt Sinai, from where we also caught glimpses of the firework display at Marina Bay. I didn’t go to bed till 3am today!

Today, I could have had lunch with the monthly lunch group whose organiser has decided to move it to January 1 (like he did in 2010 too!) — from Jan 6 or Jan 7, (a Thursday or a Friday) when the group would normally have met.

But I declined, as I could lunch with these friends every other month of the year but New year’s Day comes only once a year and I prefer to eat lunch with my mother.

This is especially when mum will have to dine with Picky tonight as I will be dining with my usual travel companions and savour again HTK’s cooking, something everyone missed last Jan 1 because I was sick and dear HTK decided to cancel the meal — much to the dismay of the others who weren’t ill.

My paramount 2011 resolution is to eat at least one meal a day with my mother who at 87 going on 90 eats better in the company of a family member!

And she certainly did today! 

Mum’s also the reason I’ve declined an old friend’s suggestion to have lunch today and judging from her reaction, I think I may have to add her to my ex-friends list 😦

Still my mother is easily worth losing all friends for!


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