Fulfilment of a resolution

Today is the last day of the year. Also the day when I have more or less completed the resolution I made on Jan 1, 2010: one post a day. I don’t think I’ve written 365 posts in 2010 but probably closer to 360 posts. Still I count that as having fulfilled my resolution.

Do I feel a sense of achievment? Sort of.  I have kept to a chosen course, more or less, give or take, instead of abandoning it, as I’ve done with so many causes or projects I’ve undertaken in the past.

Also, writing a fresh post every day has contributed to increasing the traffic to singaporegirl; in fact page views — though still miserable compared to websites that attract tens of thousands of visitors per day — have doubled from those achieved in 2009.

Still a post a day is a lot easier to implement than being nice, kind, generous, gracious etc etc every day of the year.

So, will I make the same resolution as my friend and regular blog visitor Amy Lam and one or two others have asked?

The answer is a qualified “no”.

I’ve made a resolution regarding this blog for 2011 but I won’t put it out in writing in public. Watch this space and see if you discern a pattern throughout the year. And I don’t mean food, which in any case would be the underlying and overlaying theme!

If you continue to follow me, and think you have discovered what that pattern is, let me know. I might reward you with some excess stuff from my 2011 spring cleaning, hur, hur, hur!

Meanwhile, a happy 2011 to all you babes and bulls out there. May your year be a brilliant one! 8)


8 thoughts on “Fulfilment of a resolution

  1. There aren’t many substainable blogs pro-Singapore in nature and yours is one that I enjoyed reading from afar. May your new year bring you good health and luck. Cheers

  2. Happy 2011, Uncle Keng. Thanks for the compli! When u r back in Sg must surely buy u more than teh tarik n if u r lucky i may pass u some things fm my spring cleaning 😀 Only joking!

  3. Hey I am still lurking around here! Glad that you still enjoy blogging as much as you first started many years ago. Wish I had your perseverance to sustain the interest…….

  4. Ku, what a wonderful surprise. Hav a wonderful 2011. I still think of those early days with fondness! Every time i read an NEA story, I think of you too. And belated congrats on your recent promotion!

    I’ve been able to sustain blogging mayb because unlike you and Pei, I’ve fewer things to do and so have mo time for this hobby?

    Sometime in 2011, mayb it’s time for you, me, Pei and Daniel Lim (wonder watever happened to him?) to get together again to reminisce abt 10 years on the Internet :D!

  5. Happy 2011 to you… and even if you do not post daily, hope that you will do so regularly ie at least once a week so that I can still enjoy reading some good writing. Your food pix makes me hungry, especially when my New Year resolution is to lose weight 🙂

  6. Amy, will post regularly, I promise. Food pix: your home-cured gravlax really takes the trophy. I get hungry looking at it each time. Happy, happy 2011 to u again! Hugs!

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