Post X’mas giveaway

My effort to reduce, reuse and refuse had started in 2003 when we moved from a 1750 sf apartment to a unit that was just 1033 sf.

However, after living just 10 months in that slim-down home, we couldn’t stand it and moved back to our old 1750 sf place, as much for the space as for the fact that it was a lot nearer town.

Still the intention to live with less is still very much alive, though not practised with any conscientiousness or consistency.

I’m kick-starting it again with the offer to give away — no strings attached — 20 copies of  a self-published volume of poems.

Called 108 fragments, I had managed to sell enough copies over the years to recover the full cost of the publication but which still leaves me with about 80 to 100 copies taking up shelf space.

So whoever wants to do me the favour of taking some of these off my hands, please email me at to make the pick up arrangements.

To check if it’s worth your while to get the hard copy, go here.


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