Hit & run

Two short posties be4 I close down for Christmas Eve.

1) Pix of one of my wins at Marina Bay Sands. Love the casino which doesn’t seem to mind photos being taken of their jackpot machines, unlike in Genting Highlands and its ship, Superstar Virgo.

At those places, they have strong armed and beady eyed security men watching any shutter happy guest all ready to move in to stop any action. Besides, there are spoil spot signs which indicate “No camera” with a slash across a sketch of a camera.

So, unlikely I would be heading back to Genting or Virgo any time soon, now that there is MBS with its 2,500 machines to choose from compared to the hundreds in Genting and several dozens on board Virgo!

my first "catch"

2) Waiting for OAB to bring the ham over be4 heading out for sister’s home. Wish I had said “no” when OAB first called about the ham but I thought it was for Friday Dec 17, not for Dec 24.

Thanks to the mix up, I am all on tenderhooks now. I should have made it clear that I was going out when the mix up was discovered but had stupidly held my tongue. I’m both an over grateful and a downright ungrateful gift recipient. It would serve me right when all my clients stop sending me annual gifts.


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