Winning day @ Marina Bay Sands…

… for me that is, not the casino! 😀 😀

I’m grinning like a Chesire cat, happy as a sand boy (girl, actually) as I write this.

This is because today I treated myself to a day at the Marina Bay Sands like I had been planning to since July and had fretted here that I might not be able to make it be4 2010 bows out.

Somehow with a bit of planning and tight scheduling of all my chores, I got that long clear stretch I wanted to justify paying the $100 levy to enter the casino.

And guess what? Not only did I spend close to 12 hours at MBS — not all of it inside the casino of cos, as I explored the new food court, the new shops that had opened since I was there last, ate a leisurely early dinner, snacked and generally took it easy.

But I guess I must have been inside the actual casino for at least eight hours and so in my estimate have maxed out the cost of the levy.

And guess what again? I started with $500. After paying the levy, I had $400 left for gambling.

Then guess what yet again?

When I left, after 10pm, I still had $150 of capital in my wallet and cashed out this amount as shown in the pix I took be4 I changed it for cash at the casino’s cashier.

my winnings

My math tells me that I won a net of $75.41, after taking into account the levy, or $175.41 if the levy is ignored.

Which isn’t a bad return where I’m concerned.

So my fourth visit to Marina Bay has been the luckiest to date. A very fitting X’mas present to myself!

And unlike my July visit, I didn’t lose my “free parking” ticket. I got free parking for all the hours I was there.

Oh, the cheap thrill I get out of this to brighten my life! 😉


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