Telepathy, synchronicity or co-incidence?

The friend who made me that lip-smacking gravlax lunch on Monday and recorded here had commented that the post immediately before this with reference to happiness was “telepathic”.

This is because as I wrote, tongue in cheek, about secrets, tips, forecasts etc and how junking these proffered methods would lead to happines, AL was in a bookshop in Vivocity browsing a book about happiness.

I thought this more synchronicity than telepathy till I remember a post written by AL in her blog and one that was written by me in this blog.

She had written about death at this link

I too touched on the same tear-jerking topic here 

because two death anniversaries blight my calendar in December, one on Dec 18 and another on Dec 26.

Note the dates of our two posts. Uncannily, both are dated Dec 18.

So was that sheer co-incidence or is there really a telepathic link between AL n moi?

I’ll need a whole lot more evidence to be convinced that it isn’t mere co-incidence or synchronicity. ^—————–^!


3 thoughts on “Telepathy, synchronicity or co-incidence?

  1. wow… this is weird and we did this quite separately without knowing or reading into each other’s blogs those days!

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