Gravlax deluxe

It was a lunch par excellence. It turned out that way mainly because AL, my hostess, nixed my suggestion that we go explore the new food court at Marina Bay Sands about which so much has been written about.

Instead kind, generous AL said she would make the lunch herself and I was just to drop by. Perhaps it’s her way of celebrating the third anniversary of her website.

AL called it a “simple lunch” but there was nothing simple about it. She “cured” the salmon gravlax herself and made devil egg. There were three types of cheeses: camembert, rocquefort and one which looked like Edam but was a lot softer and tastier.

There was capsicum in three different colours: red, green and white, said AL, to reflect the X’mas colours. As did red baby radishes. Further underlining her eye for details, even the napkins had a witty message to brighten the food prior to the meal.

Pita bread provided the carbo.

We split a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and washed down dessert of strawberry cream cake with chrysenthemum tea sweetened with stevia and “kum chou”.

No wonder our lunch lasted from 12.20pm to almost 4pm! No wonder too that AL has a welcome bed wherever she goes across the world — she generously cooks for the friends she stays with!

table is set


even napkins r witty

gravlax deluxe on white shredded radish covered by dill blanket


5 thoughts on “Gravlax deluxe

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  2. Areya, Merry X’mas n a great 2011 to u! The sauce next to the salmon is a nice mustard sauce with chopped pickles and dill in it, I think!

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