Eat, pray, love & yawn!

The bad thing about anticipation is that when the thing anticipated arrives, it isn’t quite what one’s overworked imagination had led one to expect.

This kind of anti climax had hit me often enough — and one think I would have learnt! –the most recent being that stupid episode of trying to employ a second foreign domestic worker for the household, so that I could have more free time to do the things I want to do, rather than doing the things I must do or see chaos on the home front.

It happened to me again today, though by contrast to the FDW episode it was just a blip on my continuum and almost cost-free –moneywise that is.

I’m referring to going to see the much touted and written about film, Eat Pray Love, based on the book of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert at the Tanglin Club this afternoon.

I had looked forward to seeing again the beautiful sceneries from Bali — a place I’ve visited quite a bit over the years — which is the anchor for the Love part of the film.

Again, like the FDW with five previous employers I signed on, ignoring the obvious, the reviews of the movie were far from singularly enamoured.

The story line is hackneyed: a magazine writer from a rich city — New York– looking for herself, across exotic locales. She gave up marriage and a fling — but not exactly her career since she had a book deal in her bag about her upcoming adventures be4 she set off.

She headed not exactly into the great unknown, as Italy (Rome and Naples) and an ashram in India aren’t the equivalent of Antartica! As for Bali, from the film it doesn’t look as though she did very much, other than talk “cute” with a fortune-telling toothless old man called Ketut and an unlikely looking jamu lady called Wayan!

It is in the names of these characters that made me decide Liz Gilbert’s adventures — at least in Bali — seems so much phooey. In all my trips to Bali, I’ve never met a woman named Wayan nor a man named Ketut. It’s always been the other way around!  

And frankly, I don’t know what kind of a house Gilbert’s jamu lady friend managed to build using the USD18,000 that the American raised to help Wayan-jamu realise her “dream” of owning a home!

Worse, at the close of the film, Gilbert, suddenly realising that she loved the Brazilian courting her, dashed madly to his house lto tell him that she had changed her mind about rejecting him. Not finding him, she left a note that said “Meet me at the jetty at sunset”.

All I could think was: goodness, woman, u never heard of cell phone?

So yes, I agree with the reviewers in Yahoo who slammed the movie in the following examples:

  • What I really hated: boring and unnecessarily long …a good medication for sleep challenged people.I slept thru 60 % of the movie duration. it was painfully slow, long and boring
  • If you don’t have the energy to stay and sit for quite some time, you better not choose to watch this movie.

Still, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book has sold more than 7 million copies so there must have been real gems that had possibly been filtered out from the celluloid version.

Now I must go and read the book!

Also, the real Liz Gilbert looks a lot prettier (see pic) than her screen version. Alas, Julia Robert is pretty woman no more!

far better than Julia Roberts


4 thoughts on “Eat, pray, love & yawn!

  1. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the movie for the many familiar, beautiful and memorable scenes of Italy and Bali. I recall a similar soul searching kind of story line movie called “Under The Tuscan Line” with its exquisite and lush Italian country scenes. Well, it is good to find oneself again when we are lost in spirit. Yes, there are second and third chances in life if we seek them and I must add that I still like my pretty woman.

  2. The friend who went with me to the film thought the book which she had read is better. Hope the show you went to was more interesting.

    As for Italian scenes, Letters to Juliet had better ones. EPL’s just had aero shots of Coliseum, Trevi; the rest could be anywhere in Italy. As for Bali, not enough of the really spectacular places, imho!

  3. I read the book when it was launched and loved it but I was bored when I watched the movie on SQ recently, I actually switched off halfway.

    Under the Tuscan Sun was alot more captivating, I loved it so much, I read the book, bought the DVD and watched it many times. I even flew to Tuscany after that!

  4. Blur, welcome back fm Perth. U seem to have endured the long drives around quite well. Yes, am afraid EPL film doesn’t do justice to the book, judging by what u n fren who went with me to the show said.

    I must lk out for the Tuscan sun movie (if it should show again — free) since u n my other fren LW have recommended it.

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