Politics is baaad for your looks!

This picture below has been ripped off the Online Citizen website. Take a look at Mr Chiam See Tong. How different he looks from the days when he burst onto the political scene to contest the Cairnhill constituency where I had only recently bought my home.

He wanted to make a difference; to help Singaporeans articulate words and thoughts that had not been homogenised by the PAP machinery. He stood in the election against a PAP strong man, Mr Lim Kim San.

He lost naturally. Though I am sure he wasn’t without his supporters, overt and covert.

Have his efforts been worth it — for himself and his family? Would the Singaporeans he sought to serve and finally got to serve in Potong Pasir think it’s been worth it — for him and for those who voted for him general election after general election?

For a PAP version of what politics can do to your looks, I can think of at least two instances, when the chaps had started out suai ger and are today well, worse for wear — that surpasses anything that can be attributed to the ravages of time.

They are MP Charles Chong (whom I once thought was the most handsome man in Parliament — foolish me!) and Minister for Education Ng Eng Hen (who is a nodding acquaintance, him having been a colleague of one of my brothers at SGH).

So whether Opposition or Ruling Party politics, they are simply baaaad for your looks. 

Perhaps Dr Finian Tan (something of a good looker) — a deal-maker who returned from the US, joined our Ministry of Finance and widely expected to be in the PAP line-up of new candidates at the last general election but didn’t make it to the stage in the end — has had a lucky escape! 😀


5 thoughts on “Politics is baaad for your looks!

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  2. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To give up good looks for the country, is admirable. Being not good looking is a blessing in disguise, as you get to avoid those Plum Blossom Luck.

  3. I’m very shallow, Uncle Keng. Looks mean a lot to me, probably more than talent or even wealth 😉

    When I look at how our well-known politicians look like nowadays (over n beyond wot age has done to them), I truly wonder whether they think it’s all worth it, when they look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. This is esp when they aren’t among the pantheon of big names that will go down in the annals of history, like MM!

  4. I’m equally shallow too 🙂 To each his own. Looks and accessories (watches, clothes, cars etc) are meant to attract partners for mating. When one gets older, looks are less important. Where looks are not good enough, one focus on accessories. Perhaps that is why you see old men driving flashy sports cars. Those without money, will focus on personality. I guess those without looks, money and personality, have to be IT savy to online for cheap thrills. Even if it matters, by the time one gets too old, the spirit is wiling but the flesh might be weak. I once read in the Biography of Mao Tse Tung that at his old age, due to his position, many younger girls are still attracted to him. Money, Power and Sex. The 3 elements that business revolves around – from branded luxury items to casinos and of course not forgetting good food to prolong life with vitality to enjoy life.

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