Viva Opera, viva good deal

Visitors to this site will know that Auntie Lucia has a keen eye for a good deal. And today I want to share about a little non-profit group called Opera Viva set up in May 2008 to raise interest in “Baroque and Contemporary opera” and “new works by Singaporean and other Asian composers / librettists.”

Its vision and mission may sound a tad heavy going and yawn inducing for the plebian in me but after signing on to support my friend JL who is a board member of the group, I found that it offers a fun and non-intimidating way to spend an afternoon learning about and enjoying the arts (in lower case).

This is thru the OperaViva soirees which are held bi-monthly on a late Sunday afternoon and lasts about two hours or so.

Thus the frequency of get-togethers is well paced and the duration of each gathering is entirely manageable.

So is the cost of participation. Membership is $35 per year which covers the “soirees” followed by snacks and other refreshments, with wine thrown in occasionally. With approximately 6 gatherings a year, this works out to be less than $6 a session, cheaper than a ticket for a film show. For those who are not sure if OV is their cup of tea, attendance per sampling soiree is just $10.

There’s really a lot to learn and enjoy at these meetings. One could network with those in the arts if one is so inclined. One could have a decent tea, if food is what one is after. One could learn something about opera, Broadway, dance etc. There’s always an expert in a specific arts area giving a short presentation and/or a demonstration.

There’s music and singing, conversation highbrow, witty or a mixture.

One final point: the Viva Opera club is age, race and nationality blind. Those who attend its soirees and those who perform range from as young as pre-teens to as old as grandparents. There are Chinese, Indians, Caucasians;  Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.

Given there’s so much value in an OV membership, it’s no surprise that I’m signing up for another year’s subscription, the last one having expired on Dec 12.

Soiree hotspots below:

child prodigy M tickling the ivories


my 1st soiree


it's not La Conga, k!

K singing Madam Butterfly


waiting for action to start

soiree grub


2 thoughts on “Viva Opera, viva good deal

  1. Thanks for the additional info, Julie. Thanks too for your separate email clarifying that the $35 joining fee is made up of $10 admin fee and $25 subs. Thus those who subscribe for a 2nd year actually pay only $25. Even bigger bang for my buck! OpV must be SG’s best value entertainment/educational arts outreach!

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