Mama mia, pasta brava?

Time was, Italian cuisine was so rare in Singapore, we had only one such restaurant of note and that was La Taverna, first sited on Tanglin Road, then later on Emerald Hill Road. Those were the days when I thought it so cool and chic to be taken for a meal there…

Then somehow La Taverna disappeared only to reappear in Sanur in Bali but I am not sure if a) it’s the same LT from my youth and b) if it’s still there, as it’s been a few years since I’ve gone to Bali.

This is a preamble to extol Pasta Brava on Craig Road which I visited last week, guest of JC who works for the man having a 20% interest in the restaurant and also owns the building in which it is located.

For a more complete history of Pasta Brava go here but where I’m concerned it’s of the same lineage as La Taverna, not Pasta Fresca or Da Paolo which in different ways have lost their original shine that had attracted me initially: the served Italian food that’s different from La Taverna!

Perhaps Pasta Brava’s longevity lay in the fact that unlike the other two, it never tried to expand; rather it tried to close but somehow managed to keep going and is well on the way ot its big Two O.

As for JC’s treat, this is the 2nd time in December that I’m being taken there. Perhaps JC is trying to start a tradition of buying me a pre-X’mas meal at Pasta Brava? 😀 Just bring ’em on every year, u hear!

Without more ado, here is what we had: solid good food with no pretensions and in such generous portions that we ended the meal not with tiramisu but a lime sorbet each to help with the digestion!

It could have been a home-cooked meal in a good friend’s home, except for the fact that we were surrounded by strangers in a packed restaurant — despite the fact that it was a week day and we weren’t exactly next to Tanjong Pagar MRT station!

we started with bruschetta

parma on melon to share

JC's substantial beans n sausages

my generous salmon panfried


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