True property story

Today, I went to a pre-X’mas gathering. Ran into a woman writer I’ve not seen for ages. She lives in Cairnhill Road, I thought. I remember her as I had given her lifts home during a script writing course that we both attended.

I asked after her house.

She said she had sold it as she didn’t have the wherewithals (probably modest and probably meant she didn’t want to spend the money, rather than she didn’t have the money) to upkeep the place in the condition it should be in.

She said she sold it just be4 the recent run up in Singapore property prices. And the price was good for that time.

Then she added her brother sold the adjourning house to hers after she did and got 1.5 times more than what she received. She volunteered further that another brother sold two adjourning houses to the brother who sold after her. Because he was the last to sell, he got 2.5 times more.

Could she be exaggerating?

I think not!

The houses sold are part of a row of conservation houses in one of the most sought after locations in the whole of Singapore.

This story reinforces one of my mantras: never go short on Singapore property whatever measures the Government might take now and then to dampen the market.

Selling to take advantage of the dips could mean never ever owning a property again in Singapore!


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