6 into 5 goes into wrong letter box

Of late, the overworked and underpaid Singapore postman has been receiving a lot of flak: about non-receipt of mail to mis-delivered mail.

One reads of it ad nauseam in the Straits Times Forum page and like telco and budget airline bashing, one complaint triggers a chorus of similar or even worse hair-raising outpourings, as if every affected consumer is trying to outdo the others in recounting a greater horror story.

I can’t comment on telcos and budget airlines, as I use neither to any great extent. And so far, from the little patronage I give them, the experience has been unremarkable. The budget airlines I’ve taken got me to exactly where i wanted to go. My Singtel and M1 experience is equally bland.

However, where Singapore Post is concerned, I’m a great user. I receive about 10 to 15 times the number of letters that I mail out per month. So far, it’s been uneventful. Stuff sent to me get to me on time and stuff i send out get to where it’s supposed to go.

Occasionally, very occasionally, I get a neighbour’s letter in my letter box. I pop it into the proper box. No sweat. I daresay a neighbour or two has probably done same for me. Nothing worth going to court about.

In recent months, I notice that when I return home in the afternoon, the mail hasn’t arrived. But if I should leave before 9am, there will be mail in my letter box. Surely the postman couldn’t have come even be4 offices open?

I think not because if I should return home at around 9pm, if I have mail, then it is there.

What this suggests is that where previously mail mostly arrived be4 lunch or early afternoon at the latest, my postman is obviously delivering mail nowadays between late afternoon and early evening.

The reason for the change in time-table is obvious to me. Sing Post has stopped Saturday deliveries and so its postmen have to deliver six days worth of mail in five days!

Not only have they to do more work but in a shorter time frame too. Is it any wonder that mistakes occur?

Rather than hitting out at the poor overworked postmen, travelling on their rickety scooters come rain or shine, complainants should direct their ire at Sing Post.

Tell the company to either beef up its workforce or go back to six-day deliveries. Because 6 into 5 won’t go except into more wrong letter boxes.

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