Only if you love snacks…

… or you may end up a somewhat disgruntled diner at the end of the nite and ask, like I did: “Can I have some plain, untoasted bread, please?”

My travelling-cum-dining group — all six of us — went to eat at the Disgruntled Chef at Dempsey last Saturday (Dec 4) nite, mainly because we couldn’t get a table at the new Chef Andre’s at the Majestic Hotel.

The service was decent; the prices weren’t exhorbitant despite our having two bottles of red (OK lah, it was Chilean, not French or Australian): we paid a grand total of  just $513,  probably a third of what it might have cost us to eat and drink at Andre’s.

So why did I feel disgruntled after all the eating?

I don’t know what the others felt but I came away feeling I didn’t really have a proper dinner!

You judge for yourself — what we had (below) including all the five desserts on the menu! (Missing pix: three desserts and the Scotch quail eggs dish).

crayfish macroni cheese

pork knuckle terrine

suckling pig platter -- large

lamb short ribs: two plates


bone marrow

chicken liver pate

attacking camembert fondue


fig crisps

chocolate fondant

Final point: Our table was long and narrow which made it difficult for us to share our orders, as we had to move the plates of food up and down the table. Worse, with most of the plates being essentially heavy slabs of slate-like material, we had to be doubly careful not to knock into the wine goblets and the cups of warm water also on the table! A round table would have suited us better!

Final-final point: Most of the dishes came in small bite size portions of five. As there were six of us, it would have been wonderful if Disgruntled Chef allowed us to order one more portion per dish! Alas, there wasn’t such flexibility. So some of us had  just a smidgeon of some dishes, such as the pork knuckle terrine!

Postscript: oh yah, there were also crab cakes.. I think!

crab cakes?


2 thoughts on “Only if you love snacks…

  1. Haha, Pet. We r quite smart re bottled water. All of us, including the guys, would always insist on warm water in cups — our non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

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