Scrumptious year-end lunch @ American Club

The monthly lunch group’s last lunch for the year was held at the American Club, a venue we’ve been frequenting thru’out 2010, save for a couple of deviations. It’s our most visited venue because it’s the regular organiser’s club and because it offers fantastic value for money.

It was a Chinese set menu for the Dec 3 lunch but unlike Chinese set lunches offered by other Chinese restaurants, the American Club serves it a la Western menu style ie each guest has his own portion. Also, each course came with several options so that no guest would be stuck with the majority’s choice — unlike what happens at a typically Chinese meal.

Another plus is that when each guest is alloted his own portion, we avoid the situation where those who have a go at the dish first could take more than his/her share, so that those last in line might be left with little or, in a worse case scenario, nothing!

Without more ado, below is a pictorial record of what we ate, or at least what I opted for, as few — perhaps none — of the others at table had chosen exactly the same as me for all the four courses of appetiser, soup, main and dessert. However as the “open sesame” to the meal, all of us had suckling pig which is the club’s piece de resistance and better than that served at many regular Chinese restaurants.

suckling pig

appetiser trio

double-boiled soup

main of fish fillet with shimeiji mushrooms, black bean sauce and HK noodles with enoki mushrooms and vegetable

almond tea sweet ending


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