PS the service was g8

Today had lunch with old colleague and friend XX (who prefers not to be named) at PS Cafe at the Paragon. She chose the venue as she had another apres lunch appointment with a dematologist in the same building.

It’s been ages since I’ve been to PS Cafe, the last time also with XX who unlike me is a frequent customer, at the Paragon and Dempsey outlets, though she prefers the Paragon one,  she says.

And it must be because of the polite and obliging service which isn’t that common at many restaurants nowadays, even when they charge prices far higher than PS.

Not that PS’ prices are screaming cheap. Far from it.  For examplem a Caesar salad is $19 +++ while a roast chicken open sandwich is more than $20 +++.

But the portions were gi-normous and as is our wont, XX and I decided to share our orders. 

Instead of the practice in other restaurants — where they bring you the food  and then supply you with small plates for you to literally “share” — PS did something I applaud them whole-heartedly for.

Our order of salad was split in the kitchen and we were served our individual portions so huge that we wondered whether we were given two servings of the salad instead of one! This was especially when there was no sign of our shared sandwich even when we were almost done with the salad.

But we needn’t have worried. PS isn’t one of those terrible places that hurry you over your food with the cheap trick of stepping up the rollout of dishes ordered, so that you are “encouraged” to talk less and eat more and faster!

Not at PS where customers seem to be allowed, even encouraged, to linger. And food is delivered at a leisurely and relaxed pace.

So our sandwich came only after we had finished our salad. Again, the two open-faced sandwiches which represented one portion were of generous size, beautifully garnished with a mix salad and relish. And again, we were served one open sandwich each on our own plate.

Naturally, given this good service in a relaxed environment, we chatted on and on, to dessert (carrot cake, shared) and coffee and tea, with mine an infusion of fresh mint!

Pity that I forgot to capture the food or the surroundings with my handy cell becuase XX and I had so much to catch up… next time PS, next time, I’ll do your food presentation justice!

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