Tastes good but…

.. watch the bill because what’s given at the table is all in Chinese — and I don’t read Chinese well — and paid for at the cashier’s might not tally with what were ordered and eaten.

That’s what happened to me today when we went to have lunch at Paradise Dynasty on the 4th floor of ION.

Actually, I just discovered the discrepancy while writing this post: I took a look at the receipt to remind myself of what we ate for a grand total of $74.97!

It was then that I discovered I paid for 1 X La Mian with dried shrimp at $7.00. We definitely didn’t have this item. What we had was Dan-dan Mian. Can’t recall the price. Just hope that I wasn’t over-charged and I didn’t under-pay.

Anyways, as usual I forgot to take pix of what we ordered till we were part-way through, so that we had only a few of the colorful xiao long bao left in the tasting basket when I remembered. That was mum’s favourite, because she took the giant share of the 8 mini xlbs!

I also forgot to record Picky’s choice of dessert — Soufflé egg white balls stuffed with red bean and banana — which actually was better than the aloe vera and glutinous rice balls with wine lees that I chose for mum and me. I know because Picky graciously offered me one of the balls.

Picky had La Mian and chicken soup which she pronounced as “very good”. The dan-dan I shared with mum was also very good, as was our chilled garlic pork rolls. The chilled jelly fish with seafood shared by all three of us was tasty and refreshing.

Paradise Dynasty’s offerings are as good and tasty as Crystal Jade’s La Mian Xiao Long Bao outlet of old — at where Scotts Shopping Centre was. But that’s history.

As for the xiao long bao, what Paradise Dynasty served up was like what Din Tai Fung used to serve up when it burst onto the Singapore scene, at Junction 8, if I remember correctly. Let’s hope Paradise’s xlbs won’t go the way of DTF’s!

Lastly, the restaurant’s decor: very reminiscent of the various Japanese restaurants down at Central… also when you call yourself Paradise, better to be more careful about serving food in pristine crockery… no chips, at rims of bowls, please!

what mum n i ate

shared jelly fish with c-food


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