Too old for UOB product!

I had such a good laugh be4 lunch today and it’s not only because mum’s Picky Siti is returning from her leave thus freeing me after almost a fortnight’s enforced home-stay!

I was at Novena Square to buy lunch for the household when I passed the UOB branch there and noticed a crowd gathered around a young man with a mike asking anyone with a UOB credit card to show it and win a prize.

As your typical freebie fan and also because I do have a UOB credit card, I joined the crowd, showed my card, was given a ball to slot into a frame and lo and behold I won a toiletry bag.

No big deal but since it was free why not?

An eager young woman popped out of the blue and asked kindly whether I would prefer a manicure set instead.

“Let me have a look at both?” I suggested.

The young woman readily agreed and led me into the inner sanctum of the branch where she highly recommended the manicure set.

I allowed myself to be persuaded and remained in good humour even when she asked me to fill in a form.

As I still bank with UOB, I could have said you go check the details. But I decided the form-filling was needed to account for the manicure set. So I kwai-kwai filled in the form.

I thought that was that when she began her pitch, although initially, I didn’t realise it was a pitch.

“Have you heard about our high interest products?”

“You mean the 14-month deposits, izzit?”

“No, it’s something new. Have you heard of deposits that pay 7% (at least that’s what I think she said) compared to 0.1% in your savings account.?”

“I haven’t heard…”

“Before I explain, can I ask you something?”

She seemed a bit embarrassed. Wondered what she wanted to know? My marital status? Whether I was employed? Criminal record?

“Errrhm,” she paused, “can you tell me roughly how old you are?”

Oh, goodness! I’m not at all sensitive about such things.

So I told her.

Her eyes widened. I repeated what I said.

She looked even more embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “You don’t qualify.”

I didn’t know there was an age limit on deposit products. Although I didn’t really want or need any new deposit products to channel my funds to, I was curious, so I asked:

“What’s your cut off age?”

She mentioned a number.

I laughed out loud.

“Wow, I’m out by six years..”

She repeated that she was sorry.

I wasn’t.

I gave a broad smile and we said our good byes, as the young woman was obviously not going to waste more time on a prospect who was out of the running.

If only it’s that easy to get rid of other insurance sales people, after having already taken their bait! Assuming of cos that girl from UOB was selling insurance-linked products and not your vanilla fixed deposit!


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