Good comes from bad experience

If not for the lousy experience I had received at Sophie’s, I would probably not have explored the other vegetarian food outlets at Fortune Centre unless forced to, such as going on a Monday to that part of the world with a longing to eat vegetarian but Sophie’s is closed!

But thank goodness I got pissed off with Sophie’s and so was forced to look for alternatives. And really, ended up enjoying a wider selection of vegetarian cuisine.

After discovering Pine Tree Cafe, I also got to eat at Creative Organic — again — as well as the cafe across the corridor from it whose name has undergone a transformation. The one and only time I visited it, it was called Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food. Now it’s metamorphosed to become Xiu Yuan Good Food Cafe.

Still by whatever name it calls itself, its offerings are probably the cheapest of the three veggie cafes on Fortune Centre’s 2nd floor. For the best vegetarian sushi, Creative Organic has it.

And Pine Tree Cafe is my favourite because I’ve grown to love its leica fan. Even Picky has become a fan, not of leica of cos but of the nasi lemak which looks good and tastes good.

Pity then nasi lemak is available only on Sundays and leica is often sold out! At least the green herbal soup that accompanies the rice.

When I suggested to the friendly lady owner she just served the rice la, she said: “Cannot. Must have the soup.”

I said, just the rice and condiments without the soup would be fine for me.

“Cannot. Leica must have leica.”

“Then don’t call it leica?”

“Cannot” was the final nswer.

So much for being entrepreneurial and flexible!

fan without leica


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