Tricks that fate plays

Unlike my friend LW, I seldom have a full social calendar. Perhaps two appointments per week on average, whereas LW would have dates for lunch, dinner, shows, karaoke, exhibitions, back to back, sometimes two or three events per day!

So, you could knock me down with a feather when I discovered that in the second half of this month, I too would have a more busy social calendar than normal, had I been in a position to accept all the invitations that came my way.

But alas I was and am not able accept thanks to what happened on the domestic front and I’m practically housebound till Nov 28.

Here is a list of the invites I received but which unfortunately I had to decline:

Nov 19: farewell party thrown by GM who returns to the US after a couple of years in this part of the world. (More about GM here and here)

Nov 20: Nursing awards given by a well-known socialite. I’ve been attending for several years but it’s “decline with regret” this year.

Nov 21: the commemorative birthday bash for someone once dear to me but who has departed this life. Alas, unable to participate this year.

Nov 24: sister-in-law’s turn to buy lunch for her ex-school mates and I’m always included. But this time, she had to do without me.

Nov 26: annual pre-X’mas lunch with NH and her cell group. This has been a tradition that’s been going on for years but I didn’t make it this year.

Nov 27: PT has a table at the Orchid Ball and asked me to come share in the food, wine and revelry. Had to send regrets. Co-incidentally, HTK organised a tasting dinner at a new restaurant for our travel group on the same nite. Can’t go too.

Besides these fixed date appointments, there have also been open-dated requests to meet up which I’ve parried till I’m more sure of what may be thrown up on the domestic front.

I shall be freed from house and mum-sitting next week but guess my appointment book may again be full of empty slots.

I can’t go out and all of a sudden, invitations arrive in unusually high (for me anyway) numbers.

When I can go out at last and suddenly few friends will want my company!

That’s how things are, alas! 😀

4 thoughts on “Tricks that fate plays

  1. Dear Auntie Lucia
    I am featured in your am famous.. actually, I am busy only when I go for overseas holidays as well…if not, I am quite free when in Spore but my appointments are usually booked ahead -..that is why I “appear” busy….hahhaaa anyway, congratulations that Siti is back from her holiday and now, you can paint the town red too….hahhaa…..

  2. Hi LW: thanks for dropping by. The fact tt pple need to “book” u well in advance shows how very much in demand u r… don’t shy-shy, K? 😉

  3. You are too kind, as usual…”book” in advance is more so that I can get to attend every gathering with my good friends, like you…cheerios.

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