MM Lee certainly doesn’t need Facebook

When asked if he has a Facebook account on Friday, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it is irrelevant and he sees no point in having one.

Mr Lee was speaking in an open dialogue held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hewlett-Packard Singapore.


Mr Lee doesn’t need FB although FB would no doubt consider it a feather in its cap if he ever deigns to put posts on his own FB acount. (Someone has set up one for him but it isn’t authentic!).

Why doesn’t he need FB? Because unlike 99 per cent of us who use FB, Mr Lee has multiple credible channels of communication as well as access to the highest in any country across the world. So if he wants to share his thoughts and doings, he has many avenues and FB isn’t one of them!

Also, no credible channel of communication other than FB would be interested in the trivia of 99% of us who use FB. By contrast, all credible channels of communication, including FB, would be interested in Mr Lee’s trivia, should he want to share.

And last but not least, from what I know of Mr Lee, he places a lot on sincerity and authenticity.

So, I’m sure he would want to be hands-on if he is a FB user, and not delegate his postings to his PA or a PR or Mica. If he can’t be hands-on, then I’m sure he won’t do it.

Sure many busy politicians have blogs and FB accounts, as well as Twitter accounts. But when you are the likes of Tony Pua, you really need your blog, your FB and your Twitter to help you get noticed.

Not MM Lee when he’s already got Singapore which speaks louder than all the blogs and FB and Twitter accounts put together.

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