Two lucky escapes today

Given that I’m the only one holding the fort on the home front — albeit temporarily, I hope — I certainly donch need any unexpected disruptions.

So I am feeling rather cheered that I had two lucky escapes today, especially the second one.

 The first escape: The heavy downpour that greeted us after our meal at Junction 8 made my heart sank. I had forgoten to check if mum had closed the window in that part of the sitting room where she always sits after breakfast, her mind far away, simply waiting for the day to pass.

I scolded myself mentally, as I envisaged having to mop the floor and dry the furniture on my return home, when I was already in no mood to do further cleaning and clearing up.

But miraculously, although the rain turned lighter by the time we reached home, not one drop got into our sitting room. And this despite the fact that the window was indeed wide open!

The second lucky escape was even more fortunate,  because if I hadn’t been lucky I would now be on another unwelcome visit to the accident and emergency department of Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

You see, after four days of cooking dinner, I’ve descended to cooking one dish meals. So, tonite’s dinner was a rich porridge of Thai asparagus, tofu, bitter gourd, some barley, beaten egg and belly salmon.

I assumed the fishmonger at Cold Storage had extracted all the bones from the salmon. I forgot to double check. Threw in the salmon with the egg as the last two items, turned on heat and then quickly turned off and served.

Almost 3 quarters way through our meal, with one eye on Channel U’s K-drama and mum and me busy with our running commentary about the show, I felt a slight prick at the back my tongue.

What’s this? Stopped whatever I was about to swallow in the nick of time. I spat out a long sharp salmon bone about 2.5 cm long!

I shudder to think what might have been the consequence had I been a bit more quick in swallowing my food!

I’d better be more alert after this, as I can’t expect to continue to escape the consequence of my carelessness. And there are still 10 more days to go be4 mum’s Picky maid returns from home leave to relieve me from most of the household chores!


2 thoughts on “Two lucky escapes today

  1. I often prepare salmon, so I must tell you it is very difficult to get rid of all the bones.
    The best thing to do is make a final check after cooking when the bones are easier to spot.

  2. Salmon: it’s one those sneaky fishes. I know it’s got bones but somehow not like sultan fish or the popular Chinese called lei yu. I avoid those like crazy as I’m not good with bones. With salmon, I usually think I got the upperhand; then wham, such a shock.. will in future double check, even after fishmonger swears he’s taken out all the bones! N will remain vigilant while eating unless it’s sashimi! 😉

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