Lock them up & throw away the key!

I’m delighted to hear the news that the six suspects in the Bukit Panjang slashing attacks may face detention without trial under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act.

A police spokesman confirmed this to straitstimes.com today

The question is why the same isn’t being considered for those involved in the slashing spree that led to one death at Downtown East? Try them in open court and have more of their sympathisers show up again in support?

Detention without trial has largely been used in this country to deal with organised crime syndicates and Secret Societies, which once plagued Singapore. Currently, there are 196 being detained under this act for gang-related activities.

I say it’s about time the law bares its teeth again with violent people in Singapore: whether young or old, gang related or not, working singly or in groups.

Otherwise, one of Singapore’s most precious assets — safe streets — will go down the drain.

Already, the safe streets reputation is looking rather tenuous in recent weeks. Remember the women who got stabbed, with one stabbed dead, by a total stranger? Or the foreign workers who were randomly slashed and robbed near an MRT station one week-end, also leading to deaths?

Oh, sure, our policemen have nabbed all the alleged culprits.

But for the victims, that’s pyrrhic comfort.

For potential victims, knowing that the law will ultimately get their men is scarce comfort too. We would prefer not to become victims, thank you very much.

And the only way to whittle down such possibility is to have a tough law enforcement regime.

So, yes, lock up those who can only express their creativity by having a slashing good time — and preferably throw away the key.


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