Five years already!

Tonight I had dinner at the King’s Hotel, Princess Terrace, Penang buffet. It’s the death anniversary of a dear friend and some-time benefactor.

There were only six of us, compared to the up-to-18 guests who used to gather at his table, eating sumptuous meals which almost always included some of the delectable favourites from the Princess Terrace buffet that he sent for.

Since his passing in 2005, the group has been decimated, a few by death, some by illness and the rest by other interests and other appointments.

After all, most of us had been brought together because he was the lynchpin. Once the lynchpin is gone, who would or could hold everybody together?

Yet one of us has tried: by holding these annual meals at the Princess Terrace as a nod to his memory.

Here is what I started the meal with: satay, kerabu beehoon, nasi ulam and otak. The rest is both memorable and forgettable: memorable because I invariably eat the same things; forgettable because they are same-old, same-old. Which is exactly as i like it.

This is because my food taste seldom varies: compare the left pix taken tonight with the right pix taken at the same restaurant, exactly two years ago! If that’s not constancy, I don’t know what is!

what i ate tonite


what i ate 2 yrs ago


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