Ciao Terence Cao

Believe it or not, time really flies and I realised with a shock that it’s been 18 months since I last visited Mediacorp hunk Terence Cao’s noodle shop at the Plaza Singapura food court (6th floor).

I discovered this after I checked this blog when I came home from a freebie film — The Social Network about the founders and wannabes of Facebook — hosted by Brandtology at the GV Cineplex at the Plaza.

Oh, wow, I went there for the first time in April 2009 and again in the same month, both detailed here and here. Then not again till this evening.

J and I had gone to the foodcourt to grab a quick bite be4 doing our kiasu bit to be early for the 7pm showing so as to pick the best seats in the house: Brandtology said there would be free seating and we didn’t want to end up on the front row!

I headed for what I thought was the Terence Cao noodles stall when a familiar sight greeted me. It was closed. Like many other eating places in Singapore. And not for the day, as the beef noodle seller next door gleefully told me.

“How can a TV star hope to run a business when he’s busy all the time with filming…? ” he sniffed.

I didn’t patronise his stall, not out of loyalty to Terence Cao but because I don’t eat beef. Instead, I bought my dinner from the stall on the other side of the Terence Cao’s stall. It sold vegetarian food, which left my stomach with plenty of room for the popcorn and coke that came courtesy of Brandtology.

So, ciao Terence Cao. And here’s one last look at what was once a bustling stall!

all that remains of Cao's stall


2 thoughts on “Ciao Terence Cao

  1. Hi LW! Nice of u to drop by. Where’s he gone? Don’t watch Channel 8 so won’t know if he’s still performing. He shld host some travel show — I’m sure he wld draw lots of female travellers to go to places he’s been… 😉

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