Lucky break or what?

Today, I appeared to have had two lucky breaks. Note, I use the word “appeared”, meaning I don’t know if in the end they are lucky breaks.

It started this morning with my rushing out to look for a tyre repair shop, because of what happened yesterday, detailed here.

Well, not exactly rushed out. Siti was sent to ask a neighbour’s chauffeur if he knew where I could get a patch for my punctured tyre. She came back to say that the Caltex station across the road has such a repair shop.

Huh? I pass that station day in and out but never noticed.

Alas, when I got there, the repair man told me there’s a queue and I needed to wait two and a half to three hours. But he took pity on me and told me to try the Shell station down the road.

I found only an Esso station but was kindly directed to continue driving, go over the flyover, keep right and then make a U turn to the Shell station there.

At last I found a repair shop!

This long preamble leads up to why I checked the value in my cashcard and then removing it from the IU for safe-keeping since I was handing over the car for a few minutes.

There was $33.17 in the cashcard.

The first lucky break came when I went into the CBD via the North Bridge Road gantry after 1pm and tadadada… found the ERP light was off.

I wonder why because I had seen the ERP light on at the Bencoolen Street gantry, although I didn’t go thru it.

Still who cares? I’m not the LTA. Just hope it doesn’t whack me for not paying the ERP charge!

Then much later in the afternoon, I drove out of Raffles City after a couple of hours there and lo and behold, my cashcard still showed $33.17 after I had exited, indicating that I wasn’t charged for parking.

Again I wonder why? Although I’m quite honest, I wasn’t about to waste time turning around to go back into the carpark and offer to pay!

I got out of paying perhaps a total of $5 to $6 in all.

What a cheap thrill!

 Just hope there won’t be consequences, especially from LTA.

2 thoughts on “Lucky break or what?

  1. Sometimes these malls have free parking during lunch hour but lucky you! I had almost $90 in my cash card last week and today I was shocked to see only $30+ inside. I’ve been driving through too many ERP gantries lately!

  2. Blur, don’t think they have lunch time freebies at Raffles City but I may b wrong. Still, who cares as long as there’s no come-back 😀

    I always love freebies fm pple who won’t miss a penny or two like big corporates; and esp when i didn’t engineer to get those freebies!

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