$100 does deter me from our casinos

Despite several mailers from Marina Bay Sands encouraging me to use my Premier Advantage card at its casino, I’ve not been back since July 17. And this despite my firm intention to return. Ditto my intention to visit Resorts World Sentosa too, which incidentally I still haven’t visited, despite its fast approaching anniversary.

I put it all down to the $100 levy.

As someone who enjoys getting the max bang for my buck, I firmly believe that once I pay the levy to enter the casinos, I have to stay as long as possible, lose as little money as possible and perhaps win a little something in the process.

Given this mindset, I need at least a clear 8 to 10 hours before I can venture into a casino but fortuitously or otherwise (depending on your approval rating for gambling), I’ve not been able to find one such clear stretch since July.

I’ve friends who tell me, I can go at night, go home and sleep it off and then return the next day to ensure max use of the 24-hour validity of the levy.

That’s not an option for me because I like going to bed relaxed after having had a good gambling binge, not keyed up about a return time-sensitive bout and fearful of not getting up in time.

With November rather washed out — heavier domestic responsibilities loom as mum’s Picky Siti sets off for her 15-day home leave and I’ve to supervise her breaking in a supplementary compatriot be4 that — I’ve promised myself one clear day in December for a casino treat.

Something of a pre-Xmas gift to myself. 😀 Provided I can find that block of free time be4 Christmas.

Now who says the $100 levy doesn’t act as a deterrent for Singaporeans itching for a spin at the jackpot machines or placing a bet on the roulette?


One thought on “$100 does deter me from our casinos

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