Reunions with “Botak”

Peeved though I was with the higher prices of the once excellent value set meals at Imperial Treasure Windows of Hongkong, my Tuesday trip to Triple 1 at Somerset wasn’t entirely a wash out.

The food at Windows of Hongkong was still good, though the higher price stuck in my throat.

But my apres lunch discovery at Fairprice Finest, a hop, skip and jump away from the cafe — where me, mum and her Picky adjourned — to pick up groceries, veggies n fruits, made me want to skip and jump.

I found my Botak coconut again and tho vaguely remembering past disappointments since our first encounter at the same supermarket outlet many moons ago, I let my enthusiasm over-ride unhappy memories.

I grabbed three and it was only at the check-out that I remembered Picky’s last admonition as detailed here.

As there was no queue and the cashier was most obliging, I asked Picky to please take those I’d chosen back to the chiller cabinet to see if she could do better. She returned triumphant to declare she’s swopped my choices with better ones.

scraped clean

OK, the proof of the coconut is in the eating which we found out on reaching home. And each of the coconuts had plentiful delicious water and tender flesh that was good to the last scrape, as this picture (right) testifies.

So is Picky Siti such a fantastic coconut picker?

Who knows?

Yesterday, I happened to walk into another Fairprice outlet — this time at City Square where I had gone to buy nuts from Pat’s Oven, which arguably in my experience sells the best nuts in Singapore.

I wasn’t looking for coconuts at Fairprice but for cut-price oranges for juicing and Fairprice’s prices run neck and neck with a no-frills fruit store in Bendemeer and sometimes even better.

That’s how I found another pile of Botaks and promptly bought three, even though I didn’t have the self-proclaimed coconut expert with me.

Guess what?

I’m delighted to share that all my picks were excellent, perhaps even better than those that Picky picked.

My conclusion: nothing or very little to do with choosing. And very much to do with what’s available at the supermarket!


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