Temasek Review, try this?

Those phantoms running Temasek Review — which The Straits Times calls “the stridently anti-government socio-political website” — needn’t rack their brains over what to call their site, if they do go ahead, as asked by Temasek Holdings, and change the webbie’s name.

No, not New Temask Review.

Something simple, straight to the point and completely in sync with all the vitriol that’s pumped out day and night, without fail.

Why, the moniker PAP Smears would fit the site to a T 😀

2 thoughts on “Temasek Review, try this?

  1. It should just rename itself back to its original name – Wayang Party. There’s nothing on it but a whole load of wayang.

    But well, PAP Smears will do too. Good thinking there.

  2. Hehe, Xizor2000, thanks. Come to think of it, cld be degrading the well-known health screening process by associating it with the trash that the current TR site puts out! Best they go back to the original name which was supposedly to make fun of the Workers Party by adopting the same initials… Guess they can never think of anything original!!

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