Another food disappointment

As visitors would know, I can’t sing louder the praises of the value for money and the tastiness of the food served at Imperial Treasure Windows of Hongkong at Triple 1 Somerset.

Alas, today’s visit was a disappointment. The rice set of meat, chicken, seafood and half a salted egg plus a sizeable bowl of real Cantonese soup, meaty with a generous helping of watercress or fenguo, is no more. At least not at $7! 

The soup has been removed from the set and sold separately at $2! While the rice and its accompaniments are sold at $6.50!

If I want the soup as well, then I would have to pay $8.50,  or a rise of 21%.

Below is the original set with watercress soup bought on Oct 7 for $7.

Today, I paid $6.50 just for the plate of rice + meat, no soup. Still, soup or no soup, the rice dish looked so good that as I was leaving, the two women at the next table called out to say they would have the same the next time they eat at Imperial Treasures.

“You seem to enjoy that,” they said.

“I sure did!” But I would like it a heck of a lot better had soup been included and the price hadn’t risen!

roast pork, a whole chicken wing, sotong slices, salted egg, veggie and soup


2 thoughts on “Another food disappointment

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