3 film shows over 3 Sundays

I’ve never been a film buff, unlike many of my friends and acquaintances who are always up there with the latest film, nattering about the stars and the story lines, as well as about the private lives and lies of those big names on and behind the big screen.

Still when I saw the line-up of films at the Tanglin Club for October, I was rather chuffed. Of all the five Sundays in the month, there were four films I would like to see; note, would like to see, but not die-die must see.

So the first Sunday of October saw me watching Ip Man 2; the second Sunday, Inception and today, Sex and the City. I’ll skip Team A which shows next week as I’m not into gratuitous violence unless there’s a twist in it like Inception. That leaves Letters from Juliet for Oct 31.

I certainly hope Letters will be better than Sex I saw today — which is pathetic, boring and predictable. There’s nothing empowering me — and two friends — to watch four over-the-hill women behave like juvenile kids all angsty about men, especially Samantha who is so insatiable and sex-starved at the same time that she isn’t funny even as a caricature! Instead, she’s squirm-making disgusting!

With a large chunk of the film supposedly taking place in Abu Dhabi, I was left wondering if Sex is also masquarading as a travelogue to the Middle East, again with its predictable souks, sand and snake-eyed men.

Slightly better was Inception, although not much IMHO. Perhaps I haven’t got the intellect to grasp the concept of the dream within a dream or nightmare.

But it seems really dumb that guys —  supposedly so skilled as to be able get into people’s dreams to steal their secrets or better still, plant ideas in unsuspecting victims’ dreams — have to carry a mini suitcase of equipment (very much like that carried by computer repair men), with wires and plugs needing power points to execute their tricks!

Won’t it be more believeable if these skilled spooks have the necessary equipment miniaturised and implanted into their bodies to be triggered by satellite signals?

That leaves Ip Man 2– which I found to be a perfect film in every way and deserving of its box office success. While there was much fighting in the film, there was little violence or brutality, except when it was the British boxer doling it out to Ip Man and his once upon a time rival turned friend.

But it wasn’t just a case of David vs Goliath. It was a film about the love for and pride in Chinese culture and probity. And it was such feelings that the film evoked in me that even as I watched, I could hear China’s national anthem playing in my head:

“Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!
Let our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall!
As the Chinese nation faces its greatest peril,
All forcefully expend their last cries.
Qi lai, qi lai, qi lai Million hearts as one,
Brave the enemy’s fire, March on!
Brave the enemy’s fire, March on!
March on! March on! On!”

Ok, Ip Man 2 might have been perfection plus if the Brits weren’t made to be so OTT. But that’s truly a small quibble!..


6 thoughts on “3 film shows over 3 Sundays

  1. Actually the recent Sex in the City was shot entirely in Morocco. None of the Emirate countries gave the film crew permission to shoot but Morocco was happy to accommodate. The amazing desert scenes you see in the movie, were all filmed in Erg Chebbi, an area of enormous sand dunes close to the town of Merzouga, in the Western Sahara.
    Marrakech is the city where you see Carrie meet up with Aidan and where the girls enjoyed cocktails in some truly sumptuous hotels one of which is the fabulous La Mamounia Hotel which was built in 1923- a spectacular 5 star hotel just outside the medina walls of Marrakech. Anyway, I enjoyed the the film due to the fashionable clothes the ladies wore and their bags and shoes..and accessories…..

  2. Thanks LW for the additional info. Unlike u, having never been to the Middle East, I really had no idea. One of my guests, like you, liked the film for the clothes, bags n shoes. But as u know me, my pref is always for Lasportsac n Kipling and not necessarily the genuine stuff either… 😀

  3. SATC is meant to be watched with brain outside door, IMHO. The whole series is one long chick flick, so same goes for the movies.

    I loved inception tho 🙂 Typical Christopher Nolan film. Minor details aside, the theme is always around certain aspects of human nature, depicted in the form of unusual action thrillers.

  4. Hi Areya: Nice of you to drop by… esp for that nugget abt Nolan films. I don’t know if I’ve seen any others by him. But I’m always like that abt details. The only genre where I allow myself to suspend all disbeliefs is K-drama.

  5. Areya, I’ve seen the Batman films but am afraid can’t remember a thing, unlike K-dramas! 😛

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