Would you abandon your supermart cart?

Today, I saw a Japanese woman abandoning her supermarket cart in the carpark, when there seemed to be no good reason to.

I concluded she’s Japanese because we were moving around the small Cold Storage outlet in Chancery Court almost in tandem and I overheard her speaking into her mobile in Japanese a couple of times.

Then we checked out almost together and were loading our purchases into our cars again  almost in synchronisation.

Except for one more bag of shopping, I was done when I saw the Jap woman get into her car and started driving off, leaving her shopping cart on the pavement.

I waved to her, she slowed down, I pointed at the shopping cart, she stared at what I was pointing at and then put her car into gear and truly drove off.

I felt a bit stupid. Perhaps she thought I was telling her to put back the cart to where she had taken it.

I wasn’t. I was trying to remind her there’s a $1 deposit in the cart that belonged to her.

Then again, perhaps the $1 didn’t belong to her. Perhaps she had just gotten lucky when she found a cart abandoned by some shopper be4 her and so didn’t feel it’s right to take someone else’s $1?

However, if that $1 belonged to her, then she’s really casual with her money. After all, the carpark was almost empty so no stress to queue up to exit. As the parking fee is a flat $1.20 (and redeemable for purchases of $20 or more), there’s also no stress to beat the parking fee metre be4 charges escalated.

Also, the trolley park is just a hop, skip and jump from the carpark, so no sweat to return the trolley, unlike some other carparks where it’s a long trek between the car and the trolley park.

In the Chancery Court setting, I certainly won’t have abandoned my trolley, if the $1 belonged to me. If it didn’t, I still would have returned the trolley, extracted the coin and given it to the supermarket staff to hold, in case the owner turned up for it!


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