Truly active ageing!

Singapore has woken up to the fact that old is gold in a big way. Hence we are seeing all sorts of programs to encourage active ageing including the recently launched Active Ageing Roadshows which will fan out to the heartlands every fortnight until Nov 21.

These roadshows will include mini carnivals, walks and senior-led performances.

Then there were the Active Agers of the Year awards  recently given out to seven senior citizens with the youngest aged 62 and the oldest aged 71.

This rah-rah old-gold will no doubt continue on and on because like it or not, the silver generation in Singapore will be numerically large and visually very visible.

Nothing underlines this better than the online news item that an 84- woman was charged in court on today with six counts of letting out three shophouses in Geylang as a common gaming house.

Mdm Mun Yoke Keng allegedly permitted two premises at Lorong 17, Geylang and another at Lorong 8 to be used as a common gaming house between December last year and July this year.

A police statement said illegal jackpot machines and improvised computers used for on-line casino gaming were found at the units.

If convicted, the accused faces a fine of up to $50,000 and a jail term of up to three years on each charge! If given the maximum sentences (most unlikely), she could be almost a centenarian, when she comes out 😉

For me, what Mdm Mun has been accused of sounds a lot more exciting than the slew of activities which the winners of the Active Ager Awards have laid claim to.

Don’t believe me?

Go read their claim to fame here!

If only crime can be held up as an example to encourage active ageing! But probably not! Just wishful thinking. 😀 😀


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