It’s simply dǎo​méi for yours truly

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i opened the mailbox today and found a letter from the Land Transport Authority offering to compound an offence I’m alleged to have committed on Sept 24 at 6.41pm.

The letter said I had driven in a “part-day bus lane during prohibited hours”,  on New Upper Changi Road between Bedok MRT Station and Bedok North Avenue 3.

Well, I was in the vicinity as detailed here. It was an unfamiliar neighbourhood and I was lost. So yes, I’m probably guilty as charged, so will be paying the $130 compound fine offered be4 Oct 9.

Alas, this isn’t the first time I’m paying a fine in less than one month.

Sometime in September I was fined $50 by HDB for parking in a reserved lot near the Kampung Glam Community Club.

Again, I plead guilty.

But why am I so zaogao?

There were other cars parked there — also without the requisite season passes — and I didn’t see any of them being gifted with a parking ticket secured by the wind-screen wiper.

As for my being caught in the bus lane, I felt indignation at the randomness of it all when I came out of my home this afternoon and saw a string of vehicles in the turn right lane at a time when the NO Right turn sign was glaringly on.

Yet, not a single traffic policeman in sight! They will all get away, despite flouting the law!

So, it’s a matter of luck — or lack of it — that I’m made to make the Government (LTA n HDB) $180 richer 😦


5 thoughts on “It’s simply dǎo​méi for yours truly

  1. Write in to explain. I often find bus lanes impractical and once I wrote in to appeal after getting a summon around that same area.. They must have received many complains because they made some adjustments (reduced) to the length of the lane.

  2. On the day of the fine, if you go down to the town council or the related HDB office and make an appeal in person, there is a high likelyhood that you can get the $50 squashed. The rationale is that you must have felt strongly about being fined wrongly and you bothered to take the trouble to drop by in person. The key is “immediate” and “in person”. Writing in is less appealing and the chances of approval will be much reduced. There are always occassions where we find other cars parked, the excuse would be that the cars are there after the parking attendent left the area. It’s karma 🙂 The day will come in Singapore where cars have GPS and you can retire all these aunties, because pin point location can tell easily if you are parking in a zone that is prohibited, if the signals are not blocked by the tall HDB buildings. Take it as it comes. There are many times we don’t get fined and you divide out the $180 across the occassions you didn’t get fined and you will feel better.

  3. Hi Blur: It never occured to me to write in n explain. I paid the HDB parking fine as soon as I cld, after cursing n swearing mentally and telling myself there goes one whole semester of chair yoga lessons. I may try next time to explain but I always weigh my chances n the time n effort involved.

    Hi Uncle Keng: Thanks for the tip which is similar to Blur’s. The trouble is that I’ve not been given much time on the bus-lane do-dah to appeal. But that’s not the end of saga yet. Yesterday I tried to pay my fine at SAM but was told that there’s no such record. Called LTA hotline; also got same response. Have emailed them with details and 24 hours later, I’ve just made another call and they tell me they are trying to find the eml, despite fact that I got an auto acknowledgement. And meanwhile time is running out for the Oct 9 deadline to compound. What to do? All this suspense is making me very nervous! Wish I’ve got a more casual attitude towards crime n punishment!

    Oh in case anyone wishes to know below is what I emled to LTA yesterday. (it’s really weird they won’t accept composition first without first getting the driver’s details…. argggg!)

    I tried to pay the fine offered by the attached at SAM machine but found there was no record. Called your office hotline but there was also no record. But your officer Jun Hu kindly told me that I must submit driver’s particulars be4 I’m allowed to pay the composition fine.

    Given that the deadline is Oct 9 (I just recd yr offence notification dated Oct 2 only yesterday ie Oct 6), this leaves me with very little leeway.

    So, attached is your notification with the driver’s details.

    Kindly expedite matters so that I will not be out of time.

    Thank you!

  4. You may be too enthusiastic about paying the fine. Once I received a notice and wanted to write a cheque out immediately (still cursing under my breath). Then I realised, after reading the notice carefully, that I have been spared a summon. It was just a warning.

    Meanwhile, you might want to write in to appeal? It works for me half the time because I always give them a very logical explanation. I try to sound very humble and appreciative too (like a very good citizen). 🙂

  5. Thanks, Blur, for yr good tip n advice. Will definitely do what u suggest, if I should be so dao mei again which I hope won’t be too soon!

    As for this bus-lane thingie, I finally got an answer fm LTA after yet another fone call to its Call LTA number yesterday. Chappie called back to confirm the driver’s details and in short kindly offered to extend the fine payment period till Oct 16. Also, use AXS machines, he said, not SAM.

    Reason why I’m so trigger happy with fines: I’m terrified of overlooking the deadline! That’s what happens to one’s spirit with age n experience.

    Years ago, i challenged a traffic summons in court once and guess wot, when i turned up there was such a huge crowd that i estimated I wld be there all day. When i was offered to join the plead guilty line which moved a lot faster, I opted for it, feeling stupid and angry with myself for not compounding in the first place.

    I don’t know how that woman who’s suing the Govt for wrongful dismissal has the patience and the fire!

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