Two questions I hate

Every time I read a copy of the Sunday Times from the SPH stable, there are two questions posed in their regular interviews that make me see red.

And I’m constantly amazed that all but one interview subject (that I can remember anyway) actually objected to the question asked.

For those who don’t read the Sunday Times or its Lifestyle section which carries these featured interviews, let me elaborate.

One standard interview for the Book Page in the section is to talk to a “newsworthy” personality — usually book related — who happens to be visiting Singapore, about the books he or she has been reading or had read some time in their life.

The other standard interview is in the Food pages with a food personality.

And each interview is “spiced” up — or so the editors think — with an inane and offensive “kicker” question. It is these questions that make me squirm, every time I read them.

The book interviewee gets asked “What books would you save if your house is burning down” while for the food interviewee the question is even worse: “What would your last meal be?”

Would anyone sane, however much a book-lover, look to saving his or her book collection when their home is being reduced to cinders?

As for last meals, it’s a question that’s completely over the top.

Who could say for sure what his or her last meal is going to be, except for those about to be executed in prison?

Those interviewees who gamely answered these asinine questions must have been desperate for publicity to want to humour the journalists to this extent!


2 thoughts on “Two questions I hate

  1. I remember one particular chef (a foreign one) expressed displeasure about the last meal question. He thought it was rude, distasteful and he refused to answer it.

  2. Hey Blur, yr memory is fantastic. I vaguely recall someone declining the question, but u’ve filled in the details. Btw, I also hate another of the ST/Life’s std questions. It’s that one which asks: “Do you think u r sexy?” Absolutely asinine!

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