Calendar with a difference

How time flies! Cliche or no cliche, we are now in the last quarter of 2010. And among the things that come as surely as Christmas and New Year is the calendar for 2011.

Blur Ting, an online friend whom I’ve met offline once, has come up with a calendar with a difference: it can be framed as a picture after the year is done as the dates are laid out at the bottom so that they can  be cut off.  She calls it the “Grow a Little Love Everyday” poster calendar.

a little love for 2011

Featuring animals, flowers, leaves (28 types, each painstakingly illustrated by a very talented artist) and heart-shaped trees, the calendar showcases nature at its whimsical best.

Blur hopes the graphics will lift the spirit and feed the soul, inspiring the person who uses the calendar to give a little love each day.

It retails at S$10 (USD7.50) per piece. Delivery cost within Singapore is S$3 for one piece (packed in a cardboard tube) or S$3.50 for two pieces.

Blur can also ship all over the world but the postal rate varies according to the destination.

Those who are interested should contact her directly.


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