See what you missed today!

This is a post for those who didn’t make it to the regular monthly group lunch that has been going on for decades. It’s also for MK2 — she was supposed to come for a tasting lunch –who pulled out at the last moment because of work. Shooting a demo surgery at SGH! LH, a regular, pulled out at the last moment too — because of work.

A total of 15 attended compared to the dozen at the September lunch. LF and EW who appear once in a blue-moon attended today. Woo-hoo. What a treat!

 JL, the reular organiser, organised two round tables, instead of the usual Last Supper type of seating, as round tables made for better conversation.

We again lunched at the American Club. Great set lunch. Here is the menu.

1st Oct Set Lunch Menu

And here is what we ate, washed down with red and white wine.

this is bread to die for!

Some started with the soup while others chose the salad of grilled veggies with blue cheese sauce. I opted for this and wished I had remembered to say “no” to the cheese drizzle.

grilled veggie salad

most chose the beef; many didn't finish

my main: fish roulade; carrot n beetroot puree

my sweet ending!


the others' dessert


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