KL does everything big…

front door

… and I’m not talking about murdering whole teams of business contacts like what recently happened to a beauty products multi-millionairess and her colleagues ūüė¶

Instead for this post, I want to highlight how big organic vegetarian food is in Kuala Lumpur which I visited last week-end.

On the night of my arrival — Sep 16, the first time Malaysia Day is made a public holiday — SF, my friend who runs a dance school and is¬†a permanent full vegetarian, took me and TES for dinner at Chef Low’s Organic Kitchen, somewhere in PJ¬†off the Klang Valley Highway, if I’m not mistaken. The good chef used to helm another organic kitchen nearby but has struck out on his own.

Chef Low’s is located¬†on the ground floor of¬†a building with the strange name of 10 Boulevard. The whole development comprising several high rise buildings¬†seems to be deserted — probably because it’s a public holiday — except for this restaurant which saw a steady stream going in and out.

It’s a big place, with high ceilings and pristine white in decor¬†but it was still packed. Despite the crowd,¬†the serving staff, all Myanmese,¬†were beaming and friendly and made efforts to squeeze the three of us in.

We turned down the first make-shift table they offered, smack near the entrance. We tried to seat ourselves at a large round table, recently vacated, but were promptly told by the guests at the next table that they had also reserved the table we took.

part of menu

So we settled for a small table meant for two and began devouring the extensive menu which offered organic vegetarian food in a variety of cuisines, including Western and Chinese.

Since we were hungry, we made quick and rather indiscriminate choices: basil beehoon, deep fried monkey head mushrooms with bitter gourd and casserole tofu.

As the basil beehoon arrived first, and we were hungry, the dish was half finished be4 I remembered to take a pix. Then the other two dishes arrived and I caught them just in time be4 we began our demolition job. (for better pix of Chef Low’s dishes,¬†go¬†here.¬†)

Despite not sparing much thought on the ordering, every dish we ordered¬†turned out¬†yumilicious and the bill was a startling low RM$38 that also covered¬†a belimbing juice for TES!¬†¬†This reminded me that KL —¬†or Malaysia for that matter — is also big on good value for money!

almost gone in minutes

casserole tofu

bitter gourd n monkey head mushrooms


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