The “family” I displaced

Every time I visit TES — my old friend and companion in youthful “crimes” — in Kuala Lumpur, i displace a whole “family”, of pet dogs, that is.

Over the years, she’s kept beagles, German shepherds and then in the last 15 years or so, she has kept smaller dogs, like Yorkshire terriers. She never kept just one dog. There were always at least two.

And as regular visitors to this site would know, dogs — or cats for that matter — aren’t my preferred companions.

So, whenever I visit, it means that the dogs which have free rein of the house would have to be confined within certain sections or banished altogether to the backyard or into the garden.

They are let back in only when I’m out or I’ve retired to my room for the night.

After all these years, it was no different last week-end. Four dogs — Tammy (black), Molly (white), Fiji and Fiji’s son (or daughter, not sure which) — were left restless in the backyard while I breakfasted in the dining room. (see pix)

Bet they were glad to see the back of me 😉

Memories of dogs past — these have all gone to their happy hunting grounds.

Byron n Bianca

Melba n ?



4 thoughts on “The “family” I displaced

  1. Eh, Blur! U n Petunia r ttoooo tooo much! There’s a place and time for animals but not in the house, on the sofa and armchairs and worse, slobbering over me when I eat or watch TV, lounging in the bedrooms, nudging open doors n sniffing at my duvet… K?

    But I and Pet’s The Husband may b in the minority. Becos besides you two, my friend and even her maid just dote on the dogs. Whenever I visit, I put them, the dogs I mean, in their place 😀

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