Doggone it, a pug @ OperaViva soiree

This is a post that will surely warm the cockles of animal lovers! Last Sunday, at OperaViva’s bi-monthly soiree, a dog actually attended the function, sitting still, listening intently and silently to the music and songs.

Held at the Blair Road home of  GM, OV member and active contributor to many of the group’s soirees, a couple of attendees (not me) were initially a bit stressed by the presence of two dogs, an Alsatian and a pug — I thought it was a shapei at first only to be promptly put right by my friend ST who accompanied me to the soiree.

So the dogs were left out once the gathering moved to the upstairs music room for the afternoon’s sampling of GM’s magnificent voice, once again reprising Surabaya Johnny, JS and child protegee ML’s magic on the piano, and Christine and friend’s rendition of Christine’s own compositions on piano and viola. GM also sang a song that C wrote.

JS holding Bess to pose for me

But be4 the first tinkle escaped from the piano, Bess, the pug gently pushed open the door and snuggled in.

She was warmly welcomed by those she chose to approach (not me) and made no sound or fuss, moving gently around to find the most comfortable seat available not occupied by humans.

Making room for Bess

Then she settled down (below), attentive to every note, throughout the 90 minute soiree. That’s better than how some humans behave at concerts and shows I’ve attended at the Esplanade!

At the end of the soiree, I asked GM why the pug was called Bess. She replied, “Bess, as in Porgy and Bess.”

Ah so! The pug is a Broadway veteran which explains her sophisticated behaviour! 8)

Deeply appreciative of every note

5 thoughts on “Doggone it, a pug @ OperaViva soiree

  1. Hah! Now I feel somewhat vindicated. 🙂

    What was that you said about dogs paddling about and bringing in goodness knows what… and behaving in a way you and I would not behave?

    But then again, my Milo is more a brute than a pug.

  2. Pet, I still stand by what I say abt their paws! I really didn’t know where Bess had been but she wisely also gave me a wide berth. So I was able to enjoy the soiree in peace!

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